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Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

11 March
*This is strictly role play! I am in no way JOEL MADDEN. NONE OF THIS IS REAL.* This is also a "Twincest" role play that has no relation to other role play websites or the people involved.

If you do not agree with the themes and/or subjects that are discussed in these journals, please do not contact us in any way telling us so. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simple as that.

If you choose to IM me keep these things in mind:
1. I WILL STAY IN ROLE PLAY MODE! You can't ask me if I am role playing because I am in ROLE PLAY MODE; meaning, I will not tell you.
2. If you do not agree with role play...do NOT IM me to tell me so.
3. No information will be given out about me or the other people that are involved with this role play.

Keep in mind we are not actually the celebrities, we are role playing. This is all fiction folks.

If you're going to pass my screen name on to other people, TELL THEM IT'S A ROLE PLAY PLEASE!

The only role play journals involved in this story line are,
joelymadden, mademan, stpaulthomas, mathewlovato, bolognalovato, lilbilly and bonatovada. The other RP journals using the Role Play Net site are not involed in this storyline, but are a part of Role Play Net.